Meet Pranali Uday Rane

What Pranali likes most about working with Ohrna is that it lets her learn new things.

What Pranali likes most about working with Ohrna is that it lets her learn new things.

“It’s given me a lot of self-belief,” she says. “Now my confidence is very high, I feel I can do anything.”

Pranali grew up in Bandha, a small village about 300 miles south of Mumbai, with her parents and five siblings. Her father was a coal miner and her mother was a tailor. A downturn in the mining industry made life really hard for a few years, and her parents had to set up a vegetable shop to keep the family afloat. Pranali, meanwhile, would walk two miles to school every day. Gradually her parents shop picked up, and she managed to continue her education until the 12th grade but unfortunately had to drop out before she could graduate.

She trained to be a daycare worker, but couldn’t get a job. She then learned how to type and joined a printing press, where she worked for a year before getting married.

Pranali’s in-laws were educated and encouraged her to work, but the birth of her son a year and half later changed those plans. When the company where her husband worked shut down, he moved to Lonand looking for work, which happens to be where Ohrna started its first rural learning center at Mann Deshi Foundation. Pranali moved there with her children soon after.

Pranali always enjoyed crafts like macramé, embroidery and knitting, so Ohrna was a perfect fit in many ways. She was initially scared of stitching as it involves stringent quality control – a neat finish is the benchmark at Ohrna which she found intimidating. But slowly she mastered it and is very happy that people will praise the product and say ‘’Finishing किती छान आहे! ” (this finishing is so beautiful!) and they will attribute this to the hard-working women of Lonand!

Today Pranali is a confident and self sufficient young woman who has realized that with proper time management, she can achieve a lot. Earning money is only a part of the satisfaction she gains in her work with Ohrna. Learning new things and becoming proficient is the greater joy. It inspires her to give her best and aim for the sky and more.

She is very excited that the products she is producing will be seen, bought and used by people on the other side of the world. She hopes they will enjoy using the products, and learn more about the women like her that make them.