Meet Vishakha Balkrushna Desai

Vishakha Balkrushna Desai

India’s lush green Konkan region from where Vishakhahails,is known for people who are generous. Vishakha’s family believes in always having a willing hand to help those in need.

Growing up with four siblings, her family was comfortably well off till her father suffered from a stroke that left him paralyzed and bedridden. The family had to look for other means of support --Vishakha’solder sister, who worked as a nurse, offered to look after Vishakha and one of her brothers. Vishakha moved in with her and continued her studies.She also helped out with the chores at home, looked after her sister’s baby and worked in the field. The heavy workload took a toll on her schooling, and she dropped out in the 12thgrade.

Vishakha, like her sister and cousin, decided to train to be a nurse. She worked as a nurse for four years before getting married. Fate seemed to smile on Vishakha from this point. Her father was cured, and her husband got a job with Tata Steel -- one of India’s biggest companies --in the eastern city of Kharagpur. But in another unfortunate twist some time after, her husband was injured, which then had them relocating to Lonand.

Vishakha was longing to work, but she couldn’t pursue her nursing career because she couldn’t leave her daughters unsupervised at home. Vishakha was determined to find a path to self employment, which came along at Ohrna through Mann Deshi Foundation.

She is now pursuing her passions with Ohrna. She has become quality conscious and puts in a lot of effort to produce the best. She feels motivated to put her best foot forward, because the products represent women like her.

There were many new things Vishakha learnt with Ohrna, like the value of time and sticking to deadlines. Initially she was stressed out but after planning her day to achieve the goals she had set, she is confident of herself. Embroidery was a new skill which she had to develop and now after making runners and tablemats she enjoys the art.

A stitch worked is a penny earned. Vishakha works at her own schedule and puts away the entire amount she earns to buy gold ornaments for her daughters’ trousseau. Her husband and mother-in-law are very supportive of her.

Busy hands at work , ensuring that her family prospers.