Set of 2 Kantha Embroidered Penholders and 4 Pens


Set of 2 penholders, in Ohrna style embroidered jute and cotton print, includes 4 pens


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Pens have a way of their own, getting buried deep in bags. And if you like having access to pens in 2 colors, you rummage around and manage to always retrieve the wrong one! Here’s our answer to those long lost pens that we make easy to find, as they sit snug together as a pair in our beautiful penholder. We provide some wiggle-room at the top to pull it out easily and finger space at the bottom to push it out easily.

Our penholders come as a set of 2, holding 2 pens each, in assorted and beautiful jute colors. And 4 pens are included. However, should you want to keep one penholder and gift the other, we also include an additional gift bag.

Understated embroidery on jute elegantly matches the printed cotton liner.

Our penholders are 1 3/4” wide and 6 1/2” long.

Ohrna patronizes jute because it is a natural vegetable fiber, biodegradable, naturally decomposable and strong and durable. The expired fiber is recyclable more than once.

In keeping with our organic philosophy, we package our products in bags made from up-cycled saris.

We suggest hand washing for longer life, but they fare alright in machine wash as well.

And we provide you 2 gift bags in case you’d like to keep one penholder and gift the other!


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Green Rust and Khaki Khaki, Beige Maroon and Olive Ochre, Green Rust and Off White Maroon, Olive Red and Off White Maroon, Brown Brown and Olive Ochre, Brown Brown and Khaki Khaki, Beige Black and Off-White Maroon, Beige Black and Off White Indigo, Beige Black and Olive Ochre, Beige Black and Olive Red, Khaki Ochre and Khaki Green, Khaki Green and Gray Red, Yellow Dark-Green and Off White Indigo, Beige Black and Khaki Khaki