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Why we use Jute


Our products at Ohrna are made of Jute. The use of this material extends beyond mere coincidence. Eastern India, abounding in water bodies, is not only home to Ohrna’s inspiration as a brand, it is also the natural cradle for jute cultivation.

At the base level, jute being a plant-based organic material, harmonizes our preservation values along with our organic philosophies. Jute is also a recyclable, biodegradable, strong and durable fiber that is a proven and superior substitute for plastic.

From our allegiance to jute to our journal’s pages being 100% handmade and recycled, to using sustainable, local fabrics to packaging our products in up-cycled saris, we continue our organic practices from start to end.

The same organic beliefs traverse through all our products – from the hand-crafted Kantha embroidery of Bengal we employ to the earthy color combinations and regional fabrics that we use, all our creations carry a natural vibe in them.

Our products are made by rural and home-based women connecting you to the rustic spirit of rural India while your purchase supports their journey to empowerment and the profits benefit their families.