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Meet Sonam and Kajal


We feature these two youngsters together because they form a tag team. Both are children of farmers, Sonam from Kalwari village in north India and Kajal from Naigon village in the west. Very tough financial situations at home brought them to the city as teenagers, Sonam with her cousin and Kajal with her parents who left farming to become laborers. Both were employed as house cleaners when we noticed and nurtured from scratch their interest in sewing, as is the hallmark of Ohrna.  

Sonam can neither read nor write but is very visual and detail-oriented. Besides sewing, she has become adept at basic photography as well as quality checking. Kajal has completed her 10th grade but her studies stopped abruptly because of financial constraints. She has learned typing and some basic data entry skills but loves sewing and creating new prototypes the most. 

They’ve been an invaluable asset through lockdown in Ohrna’s Gurukul.