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Starter Story Feature

Our founder Jhumkee Iyengar was interviewed by Starter Story about her vision, passion and experience of creating this brand from the ground up, and the fascinating experiences and inspiring

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Stories of women who weave the Ohrna story

Ohrna is a story about people through products. Many of our women partners are also farmers and feel a real connect with mother earth. Sharing not just work but also experiences and meals have created numerous bonding moments and motivation for us all.

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How we make our products

Every makers’ workshop involves a lot of planning. The process from the drawing board to the final product primarily involves three steps: Prepare Maker Kits, Teach women how to make products, Leave kits behind for women to make them at home. 
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Preserving Handicraft Traditions of India

One of our aspirations at Ohrna has been to preserve the handicrafts of India, especially embroidery. We are a rich land abundant in diversity with each state having its own native form of embroidery and other handicraft traditions. From Kashida of Kashmir to Peepli of Odisha the scent of culture seeps through the land, and one of our aims is to preserve it.

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Design as a bridge

Our design is the connection, the bridge between the makers and users, based around a human-centered design approach. We work in the sweet spot where our products are not only easy to use and beautiful, but also easy to make and teach.
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Why we use Jute

Our products at Ohrna are made of Jute. The use of this material extends beyond mere coincidence. Eastern India, abounding in water bodies, is not only home to Ohrna’s inspiration as a brand, it is also the natural cradle for jute cultivation.

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