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Our Artisans

Sonam and Kajal

We feature these two youngsters together because they form a tag team. Both are children of farmers, Sonam from Kalwari village in north India and Kajal

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Meena Herwe

Meena Herwe came to us as a shy and hesitant lady, to help with organizing materials in our workshop. She gradually learned the Ohrna ways

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Ranjana Kalashetty

Ranjana Kalashetty is an expert in making our very popular holders! She has not only painstakingly learned to make them but has also trained a

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Seema Chavan

Early life and schooling Seema comes from a family of 5 children. Her father was the sole earner and they saw difficult days. Seema studied

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Poonam Kedari

“We women just work and work with no path nor goal. But now there’s a clarity of purpose. At Ohrna, you helped us realize our own identity. Not just that, we will now have an identity in other parts of the world too”

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