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Ohrna attends NY NOW


Being selected for NY NOW for our work and all the steps leading up to our presence there for two consecutive years, has held great significance for Ohrna and even more so for its partners, our rural women artisans.

This journey of Ohrna from the earth of rural India to the glittering streets of New York has of course been one paved with challenges. From convincing conservative families, reluctant to have their women acquire financial independence to ensuring the quality of the products to finally finding the market for them, has been an uphill task most of the way.

Transformations require time and tenacity. And today, as Ohrna stands here as a testament to that journey, we feel every stumbling block was well worth the effort.

Many of our makers, our local women artisans, derive great pride from the fact that their work is being purchased by customers on the other side of the world, in the United States. NY NOW has played a huge role in accomplishing our goals, of furthering the growth of artisans and realizing the dream of a global bridge – a bridge that connects them as well as our rich traditions in crafts and fabrics with an appreciative market worldwide, where their efforts can find both, validation and value.

While Ohrna launched with the philosophy of providing employment to rural Indian women by equipping them with skills that would generate a source of income, we have moved far along beyond that initial objective, through our presence at NY NOW.

We have successfully created products that we believe stand for responsible design on all fronts, and we take pride in showcasing them globally.