We are Ohrna

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The meaning of Ohrna is ‘veil’ in Bengali, a language of India’s east.

For a woman, an ohrna adorns her attire, provides her the grace and comfort she seeks and shields her from the harshness of the sun.
We are an organic and sustainable brand based in India, launched with a dream of helping rural women earn a living making handmade products.
Our products are made of jute: a biodegradable, recyclable natural fiber and are designed using India’s rich, time-honored handicraft traditions
Our people, our employees – the rural women of India are provided free training and raw materials that enable them to work from home, fulfilling our core value of creating financial freedom and self-worth among home-based women. This allows them to balance their family and home commitments without needing to leave their villages.

Every Ohrna product, therefore, provides a woman with not just an income, but a sense of self-belief.