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PUTOOL Hope Dolls, Set of 2


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Our sustainable Hope dolls represent our women artisans!

They make great gifts, car or wall hangings or even Christmas ornaments!

They are made out of leftover materials and byproducts of our manufacturing process that would otherwise have to be discarded.

They represent the people and dressing styles of different regions of India and therefore are of varied sizes, attires and skin colors, just like us all!

Their eyes are inspired by goddess Durga, the land of Ohrna’s roots in Bengal. And they come to you with wishes for good health and peace!



Our Hope Dolls make great gifts, car or wall hangings, desk decor, keychains or ornaments! Hang them on your door, window, luggage or bag! Children love them too, as little companions!

Made with love to spread Hope and Love, they represent and renew our sense of Hope amidst adversity!

They come as a couple, a man and a woman, of assorted appearance and attires. They are of varied sizes, shapes, clothing and skin colors, just like us all! And they wear a wide variety of clothing, each from a different region of India – east, west, north and south.

With Ohrna’s focus on sustainability, we take pride in making them from leftover byproducts of our manufacturing process that would otherwise be discarded, ensuring that we waste nothing.

As a symbol of artisans of the world, the women carry a bag, representing their new identity as they try to step out of their homes for the first time and attain financial independence and confidence while the men are keychain dolls.

Height: 3 3/4″

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